Skill Power LLC

Skill Power LLC promotes the development of basic life skills. It is a motivational products company founded by the creator of the basic-life-skills-made-easy website. Although Skill Power LLC is a business, increasing the personal success of every individual is the primary goal. Therefore, the company offers a variety of basic life skills resources for individuals, groups, companies and organizations that focus on the development of personal, relationship and project strengths. Individuals with strong life skills attain higher levels of personal satisfaction and success both at home and at work.

Many Skill Power LLC products offer life skills activities that help individuals implement the topics discussed. The information below highlights the books and programs currently available, along with page links that provide more detailed information and samples of each product’s content.

To purchase any of these items, or view all products – including a large selection of motivational mini-posters, bookmarks and cards, please visit Shipping within the continental U.S. is free. Non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount with proof of 501(c)3 status. Quantity discounts are available. Questions may be submitted via the Contact Us page.

New Book – Control! Your Key to Success – just released. See details below.



Skill Power Mini-workshop Series ©

The Skill Power Mini-workshop Series, also available as a book below,is an employee-focused skill-building series that provides information on 12 topics vital to successful workplace interaction and increased productivity: Assertiveness, Attitude, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Cooperation, Decision-making, Flexibility, Goal-setting, Motivation, Organization, Personality and Stress Management. Each workshop includes seven participant booklets, pre/post tests, evaluation sheets and motivational bookmarks. A copy of the book Commonsense Management / Leadership is also included.

The Power of Skills Program©

The Power of Skills Program, also available as a book below, can be used by individuals or groups focuses on 23 personal, relationship and project skills: Beliefs, Character, Confidence, Patience, Goals/Choices, Motivation, Stress Control Flexibility, Attitude, Self-control, Honesty/Respect, Good Communication, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Tact/Empathy, Open to Instruction, Cooperation, Leadership, Organization Persistence/Determination, Decision-making/Problem-solving, Detail-oriented and Innovation. Thirty-six (36) life skills activities, which can easily be tailored to individual situations, are also included in this program.


Skill Power Books

Skill Power Books, a division of Skill Power LLC, offers several books written by Karen A. Kolb. Each of the following books can be used as a skill-building resource to develop personal, relationship and project strengths:

Control! Your Key to Success (New Book)

This 51-page 5½” x 8½” paperback book helps readers take more control over future success. It explores many areas that are completely within our control and illustrates how increased control can help overcome feelings of helplessness and build the confidence needed to achieve success. The book also provides numerous tips for taking more control in every situation.

Commonsense Management / Leadership

This 65-page 5 ½” x 8 ½” paperback book explores seven basic qualities of an effective leader: Values, Vision, Passion, People Skills, Communication Skills, Ability and Realism.

Life Skills Made Easy

This 120-page 5 ½” x 8 ½” paperback book helps readers develop solid beliefs about self, others and the world in general. It then provides a plan for creating behavior that moves these beliefs from thought to action. Topics discusses include: Spirit, Faith, Character, Self-control, Image, Perception, Choice, Luck, Change, Relationships, Communication, Conflict, Boundaries and Differences.

Basic Life Skills and Job Success

This 101-page 8 ½” x 11 ½” paperback is the book version of the Skill Power Mini-workshop Series© outlined above. It combines the 12 workshop booklets and includes a worksheet for each topic that helps readers implement the skill discussed.

The Power of Skills Workbook

This 118-page 8 ½” x 11 ½” paperback is the book version of The Power of Skills Program© outlined above. It combines the information on 23 personal, relationship and projects skills, along with the 36 activity sheets, to form a simpler and more compact resource that can be used by individuals.

Job Search Basics

This 54-page 5 ½” x 8 ½” paperback book explores 15 basic beliefs essential to getting - and keeping - a job that increases personal success and happiness.

It provides basic information on job applications, resumes and cover letters; offers numerous interview pointers and discusses 21 quetions often asked during an interview.