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A primary goal of basic-life-skills-made-easy is to help visitors develop a strong personal foundation that will help them achieve greater personal success. Exploring related sites can further this goal.

The development of personal, relationship and project skills is a life-long process. Therefore, new information should always be explored. The following list of related sites may be of assistance in the further development of basic life skills. They offer additional inspirational and motivational information, products and/or services.


Products Skill Power LLC

A motivational products website that offers books, programs and gift items that were written or created by Karen Kolb.


Information Inspirational Words of Wisdom

A collection of poems, quotes, sayings, quote of the day, stories, thoughts, and more. Plus a free printable monthy calendar with inspirational quotes. What is Success?

The Purpose of Life is to LIVE (Ray Terris). What is success? Success is truly living. Struggling to survive is not living. Simple practical advice learned from the university of life.