Success Secrets

If you define a secret as merely an unknown fact or an undiscovered detail of a fact we already know, then “secrets” to success abound. On the other hand if you define a secret as a magic bullet that can guarantee success, that magic bullet - or success secret - would be YOU.

Your beliefs, your actions and your skills (personal, relationship and project) will ultimately determine your success. Others can ease your path to success or make it harder, but they do not have the final say in whether or not you are successful in life.


Other Success Secrets or Keys to Success

We are all we really have -

Any current possession could disappear for a variety of reasons. The same is true of any current relationship. If we define ourselves through our possessions or relationships, we will be devastated if they are lost. Fundamental self-reliance is therefore a key to success.

We have to be our biggest cheerleader -

Although support from others is welcomed, it is not guaranteed. Self-confidence is another key to success.

We can take some control over every situation -

Others may influence or persuade but they cannot "make" us act a certain way without our permission. Acknowledging and using our AREA of Control, which is a part of overall self-control, allows us to take charge of our actions, reactions, emotions and attitude to the best of our ability.

We control our level of stress -

Stress is internal - not external. Stress is not something that happens to us; it is our reaction to something. Developing stress management skills can help us eliminate or lessen the stress we feel. This will allow more time to focus on the things that are important to us.

We can create our own "luck" -

It is amazing how "lucky" we can be when we are prepared for opportunity. Building personal strengths, along with relationship skills and project skills will undoubtedly assure that we are well-prepared.

We cannot have a relationship alone -

Positive relationships are based on mutual trust, respect and commitment. And we may have very strong relationship skills. But if the other person is not intersted in trust, respect or commitment, the relationship has little chance of surviving. Basic life skills are probably the greatest success secrets. They will provide a much better foundation for personal achievement and personal growth success than continually searching for a “magic bullet” that will transform our lives.