Skill Power Motivational Items

Skill Power motivational items keep basic life skills information front and center. Items currently available include a variety of mini-posters, motivational cards and bookmarks offered through Skill Power LLC. Personal success is much easier to achieve if positive life skills are put into practice. And these items provide a source for constant encouragement.

All motivational items include a clipart illustration along with a brief saying or a concise bulletpoint list of information.


Skill Power motivational items include 17 mini-posters based on the book Life Skills Made Easy and 12 mini-posters based on the Power of Skills© Program. Each mini-poster is 9"x 11 ½" laminated cardstock, with a magnetic strip on the back to allow display on a refrigerator, file cabinet or any other metal surface. (Larger posters can be special ordered.)

The following sample is taken from the information list found on the Self-control poster:

• I am responsible for me

Whether I’m right or wrong, I control what I say and do.

• I give up control when I let others “push my buttons”

No one can “make me” feel or react in a certain way.

• Controlling myself is the first step in controlling my future

How I “react” in a situation is as important as how I “act.” I have the power to make most situations better or worse.

• I modify impulse with thought

Haste and emotion undermine control. If I consider possible consequences, I increase my sense of control.

• I control my stress levels

Organization, planning and flexibility will help me take charge of potentially stressful situations.


Motivational Cards

Skill Power motivational items include a set of twenty (20) 3”x5” laminated cards that depict 20 of the 23 personal, relationship and project strengths / skills discussed in the Power of Skills Program©. Each card contains a clipart illustration and a brief saying, such as: “Flexibility: I am adaptable, while maintaining integrity.”

Cards also come with a magnetic strip, which makes them easier to display.



Skill Power motivational items include 24 bookmarks, offered in three sets of eight. Topics covered include personal strengths/skills, relationship skills and project skills. Bookmarks are laminated and include a clipart illustration and a short bulletpoint list.

The following is the list found on the Assertiveness bookmark:

• I know that self-respect and respect for others are keys to assertiveness.

• I know that self-confidence is a foundation for self-respect.

• I know I have to set and respect boundaries to be assertive.


Skill Power LLC will continue to add motivational items as they are developed. Customized motivational items are also available.

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